Body Cam: "Money has never been an issue"

Body Cam: "Money has never been an issue"

. - The Cincinnati Police Department is waiting for grant approval to fund body cam for its officers, stated a spokesperson. 
Police said this comes after the department has already received two million dollars for other technology upgrades from the City.
Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell said, "The city should take action while it's under the national spotlight because of the shooting of Sam DuBose by ex-UC police officer Ray Tensing."

"I think the events of this past week have illustrated to every one of us here in Cincinnati the need to have body camera technology," said Blackwell.

According to officials, the Cincinnati Police Department doesn't know when they will get body cams, but action has been taken.

"We think we're ready to really move forward," said Blackwell.

Chief Blackwell tells City Council he would like to have his officers equipped with cameras by the start of next summer.

The police department applied for two grants that would help in two different ways, stated representatives. 

According to reports, 1 grant would offer $700,000 to pay for research.

The other grant would give them up to 1.2 million dollars and has to be matched by the city. It would only pay the cost of the body cams but not the storage, redaction, or retrieval of the video, said officials. 

Chief Blackwell says those items the second grant doesn't pay for causes money problems in larger cities, like Cincinnati.

"For one hour of redaction, it takes a human about 3 or 4 hours to do that job," said Blackwell.

Council stresses they will find a way to fund the program and its future cost.

"Money has never been an issue, at least from this body," said Council member Yvette Simpson.

Council member Kevin Flynn adds, "We will work to find those dollars."

The city will wait 6 to 8 weeks to find out whether or not they were approved for either grant.

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