Former Cincinnati attorney Ken Lawson speaks on Dubose case

WATCH: Ken Lawson weighs in on DuBose shooting

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The shooting death of Sam DuBose by an ex-University of Cincinnati police officer has made headlines all over the world.

Former officer Ray Tensing's motives for the shooting are questionable to some who've seen the video of Dubose's final moments.
Ken Lawson is a former prominent Cincinnati attorney who in 2008 pleaded guilty on 1 count of Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute a Controlled Substance.

Before his troubles, he represented families of people killed by police officers, including that of Lorenzo Collins in 1997.
"From Cincinnati practicing law, through being disbarred, going to the penitentiary, to now teaching law has caused me to see the police shooting different than I did," said Lawson. 
Lawson is now a teacher at William S. Richardson Law School at the University of Hawaii. Though he's thousands of miles away, he has an opinion on the DuBose shooting video.
"When I see the video tape here, I don't think he's getting out there, I'm going to shot him because he's black and its murder. Murder in Ohio is purposely causing death of another what I think was he got scared and shot," said Lawson.
In a law review, written by Lawson, he tackles the subject of "Police Shootings of Black Men and Implicit Racial Bias" which is part of the title.
"Studies show it doesn't matter what color the police officer is, when it come to the shooting bias study that have been done for over a decade. It says it doesn't matter color of the officer is, there a higher rate of black men perceived as dangerous that's been ingrained through the stereotypes," said Lawson
Lawson said there are ways to combat this type of thinking.
"Interacting with the neighborhood, walking the beat. Getting to know the neighborhood; us getting to know you and them getting to know us. Then we can see each other," said Lawson.
Lawson said he doesn't think this is going to be a case that's going to be a slam dunk. 

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