Volunteer shortage stalls home makeover for fallen soldier's family

Volunteer shortage stalls home makeover for fallen soldier's family (VIDEO)

BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - A home makeover for the parents of a fallen solider is at a standstill because of a lack of help.

Mike Barrett began work on the Bellevue home of Pam and Martin Madden May 16.  The Madden's son, Russell, was killed in a rocket attack in Afghanistan in 2010.

More than $100,000 in materials have been donated, but Barrett says "We've hit a wall with help on this project. We're in need of siding contractors, drywall contractors."

Pam and Martin Madden have been staying in a motel since the project began and Barrett says he'd really like to get the project completed so Maddens can come home.

The project has attracted a few volunteers through Facebook, like Amy Peters who says she does it to give back to the community.

"With all the violence that's going on today and all the bad stuff you see it's really sad and this gives me a little hope for the future," said Peters.

Once he gets the help he needs Barrett says the makeover will take another four to six weeks to complete.

Barrett previously led the home makeover for Keith Maupin - a veteran activist who lost his son, Sgt. Matt Maupin, in the Iraq War.

Barrett says all volunteers get free lunch and a sense of satisfaction.

"Volunteer your time. Pay it forward and I guarantee at the end of the day it'll make you feel good as a person," Barrett said.

Anyone who wants to help can contact Mike Barrett at (513)557-8727 or you can email him at mbarrett2010@hotmail.com To make a financial donation to the project, stop by any 5/3 branch and make a contribution in the name of the 'Madden 2015 Makeover.'

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