Do You Have Your Ticket?

The hottest ticket in the Tri-State goes on sale in just a few hours - the Cincinnati Reds' first game of the season.

Fans lined up for days outside of Great American Ball Park, just for a shot at getting a seat. But there are no guarantees. Last year, tickets sold out in just 16 minutes - which means the guy at the back of the line may be camping out in the cold for nothing.

Other fans will stay warm overnight, and hit the Internet for tickets. Lots of people have tried it in previous years and tell Fox 19 they faced long delays - if they got through at all.

If you're willing to pay for it, you can get someone else to do all the legwork. Premium ticket brokers like 333-SEAT (7328) come with a guarantee, but they're not cheap. It could be worth the price - if you have the cash - to spend opening day with 42,000 screaming Reds fans.