Attorney says Ray Tensing was 'a ticking time bomb'

WATCH: New details in UC officer's past

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - New details are emerging about former UC police officer Ray Tensing who was charged with the murder of Sam DuBose.

Attorneys claim an assault case from five years ago may provide important insight into his character and motivations.

In 2010, Ray Tensing was 20-years-old and fresh out of the police academy. He and two friends were involved in a fight at a party near UC's campus, according to officials.

Tensing reportedly called 911 claiming to be the victim, but the defense attorney says he was the aggressor in the case.

Attorney Lisa Robanious recalled that Tensing came across as arrogant with a "Napoleon complex" when she cross-examined him in court.

"He was a jerk on the stand. He had a whole bunch of attitude and it was unnecessary," according to Robanious."The thin guy that you give a gun to empower him, make him feel stronger, badder. And a lot of his texts were about 'Oh if I had my gun on me, if I had my knife on me it would have been a whole different story.'"

In that case, Tensing's own text messages were used in court and showed his hunger for power, Robanious said.

"I wish I had Mrs. 9 on me" and "…somebody would have left in a body bag," read some of the texts, according to court documents.

Texts between Tensing and a friend showed racist and homophobic slurs as well, stated officials.

After that cross-examination, Robanious said the judge threw the case out.

Knowing Tensing had just graduated the police academy, Robanious said she knew she had to say something.

"I was concerned enough that I actually went to the guy I knew who was now heading the explorer program and told him 'Hey, look you don't need to be recommending this guy for any police position because I think what I told him was he's a ticking time bomb."

Now 5 years later, Robanious said her worst fear has come true and she has no doubt Tensing's power finally got the best of him.

"Give that kind of guy a badge and a gun and it's not a good combo," she stated.

FOX19 NOW asked for a comment from Tensing's attorney about this case but so far have not received a response.

Robanious said depending on whether or not Tensing testifies in his current murder trial, the same text messages could be used against him again.

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