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Denise Johnson: My first experience behind the wheel in a demolition derby

(Source: Denise Johnson, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Denise Johnson, FOX19 NOW)

It was a lemon!! The car I mean, I picked a lemon.

I was so excited to be a driver in the Hamilton County Demolition Derby.  There were 15 radio and TV personalities in the Celebrity Demolition Derby.  The cars were provided by Hamilton County, everyone picked a car and painted it however they wanted.

We were allowed to decorate it however we wanted, so I bought a bunch of spray paint and covered the car. It looked awesome!!

Painting graffiti is hard with spray paint, but it was fun.

We had windshields, to keep the mud out of our faces and a seatbelt to keep us in the car, we all wore helmets just in case.  Then they set us loose in the mud to crash and bash into each other.

The mud was flying and parts of cars falling off. I got hit a couple of times and then my car wouldn’t go into gear. I kept, trying to switch from drive to reverse, but nothing would happen.  A couple of times the car jumped into gear and I was able to go, but if I hit someone the car would stop. I thought I was stuck in the mud so I wanted someone to hit me to knock me loose.

I realized that the transmission was shot. I sat in the middle of the mud pit and kept trying, sad that I couldn’t crash into the other cars.  Mud was flying in my windows and my car started smoking then just completely died.

There is always next year!! I had fun, but I wanted to have more!!

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