Hamilton County officer's kind gesture goes viral

Hamilton County officer's kind gesture goes viral

FOX19 - A photo taken at a Cincinnati gas station has gone viral on Facebook.

Jason Kidd, a bystander, snapped a photo of what appears to be a Hamilton County officer greeting a family in front of a gas station off of Fields Ertel Road.

In the post, Kidd writes that he witnessed the officer holding the door open for a family and then engaged in friendly conversation with the children of the group.

Kidd says he heard one of the little boys ask the officer, "Wow! You're big. Do you stop bad people?"

According to Kidd, the officer smiled and said," I do what I can and sometimes my job means I have to stop the bad guys."

The officer answered the little boys' questions and handed them "special badges" from his cruiser, making the kids excited about the authority figure they had just befriended.

Kidd's photo has been viewed by more than 21,000 people and has over 11,000 shares since it had been posted to Facebook on July 31.

"With the recent events it's easy to forget that we have no idea what these officers face every day," said Kidd.

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