Pete Rose denies allegations of sex with minors

Pete Rose denies allegations of sex with minors

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Pete Rose is denying new allegations against him that he had sexual relations with minors during his baseball career.

The allegations are coming from the investigator who collected evidence that proved Rose bet on baseball as he managed the Cincinnati Reds in 1989.

John Dowd, the special counsel who led the MLB investigation that got Rose banned from baseball, claimed in a recently surfaced interview with radio station WCHE on July 13 that Rose would entertain young girls, ages 12-14-years-old, during Spring Training.

Rose denied the allegation in an interview with NJ Advance Media saying it's unbelievable and that his family was with him every year, except for the first year, during spring training.

Mike Bertolini, the man Dowd cited as his source of info on Rose, released a statement Friday through his lawyer saying.

"Mike categorically denies the allegation -- he never did any such thing, nor did Pete Rose, nor did Mike say anything to Dowd about the subject.  The story is libelous to him and to Rose and should be retracted immediately. "

FOX19 NOW has reached out to Pete Rose for further comment.

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