Tri-State Man Dodges Road Rage

A Highland Heights man says he barely escaped an attack of road rage Friday night.

It was a routine trip home Friday on 471 South. 19-year old Steve Logan was returning from his parents' house, with his roomate Donny Ollek, when, according to Logan, a total stranger shot at them on the highway. Logan tells Fox 19 "My heart just dropped and I felt my adrenaline rush and the first thing I thought just slam my brakes. Don't try to speed up, just slam my brakes."

The attack was not unprovoked. Logan admits he made an obscene gesture when the driver of the other car sped up to keep Logan from getting in his lane. As the other guy split off onto 275 East, he did the last thing Logan expected. According to Logan: "I saw the glare off of a silver gun pointing and that's when I slammed my brakes. I got freaked out and once that happened is when my car began to fishtail and I saw his passenger side window blow out."

Hamilton County 911 tells Fox 19 it's not unusual to get several calls a day for road rage, but it's usually limited to hostile driving and swearing. They tell us gun shots on the highway are rare.

Logna came forward because he's heard of other recent highway shootings and wanted to warn drivers to hold their tempers. He says, "Don't trust anybody. Think that people are crazy. I honestly didn't think that anybody was crazy enough to pull out a gun and shoot somebody on the highway."

Logan reported the incident to the Highland Heights Police Department. He says the shooter has a beard and looks like he's in his mid-40s. He drove a white Pontiac from the early 1990s with Ohio plates. If you have any information, please call police.