Widow of Sonny Kim pleads video not be released

Widow of Sonny Kim pleads video not be released

A letter was sent to the Mayor 's office Friday from the widow of the fallen officer, Sonny Kim pleading video coverage not be disclosed to the public.

In a letter addressed to Mayor John Cranley, police officer Sonny Kim's widow, Jessica Kim, pleads for the city not to release the video of his tragic death.

"I am strongly opposed to the idea of having this video available to the public," Jessica Kim writes. "The coverage does not contain any additional information that the general public will benefit from."

Kim stated in the letter that the reason for writing the mayor was from allegations that individuals are demanding the video coverage of her husband's death.

"However for my kids, witnessing their father lying helplessly on the ground will only add to the devastation that they have already felt," Kim stated.

Kim also asked the mayor for his support in taking strong measures of action to prevent the video from going out to the public.

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