Cincinnati PD looking to ID 2 suspects in shooting near Aronoff Center

WATCH: Downtown shooting near Arnoff Center
Police are looking to identify these two people (Source: Cincinnati Police)
Police are looking to identify these two people (Source: Cincinnati Police)
(Source: Cincinnati Police)
(Source: Cincinnati Police)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police are attempting to identify two suspects who may be connected to a shooting across from the Aronoff Center Sunday.

Police released a photo of two males running in front of the main entrance of the Aronoff Center.  One of the suspects is wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans, the other is wearing a gray t-shirt, sunglasses and camo pants.

Officials say the victim, Jarad Frost, is expected to recover after he was shot in the thigh on Walnut Street in broad daylight Sunday.

Frost was charged with disorderly conduct for bad behavior in the ER the night of the shooting, according to officials. He pleaded guilty and was convicted and spent one day in jail.

Cincinnati police said everyone involved knows each other and three people were detained. Police also said identified the shooter. No arrests were announced, however.

"We expedited to Walnut, we could not find anybody at first. Evidently there was an individual that sustained a gunshot wound to the leg," said Cincinnati Police Captain Mike John.

Officers found Frost hiding out in the kitchen area of a nearby restaurant, Horse & Barrel Bourbon House, 631 Walnut St.

Frost made his way there after getting on an elevator. Employees told police they didn't recognize him.

Investigators believe he may have been involved in assaults before the shooting.

A man and a woman with a baby in a stroller were among those detained. They were not hurt.

Another victim, Timothy Bunger, said three men chased him.

"I was walking up Vine Street around Sixth and Seventh and Vine at the corner store up there," he said. "And then three guys were standing out front of the store, and they were cursing at me they call me, you know. I told him I ain't got time for it. I tried to walk away."

Bunger said the men started hitting him, but he escaped.

"Whatever occurred at the library, ended up coming here on Walnut Street and, at some point, an altercation took place between those individuals," John said. "This is not a random act of violence down here and, quite frankly, the central business section is extremely safe."

Anyone with information about the two suspects in the photo is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

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