Lakota busing issues continue

Lakota bus issues (VIDEO)

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A private busing system in the Lakota School District halted its service leaving high school students and some second through eighth graders without a way to school Thursday.
According to a statement on the Lakota Busing Service's website, they will not be providing bus service this year.

That message now has Director of Community Relations Randy Oppenheimer and other Lakota school officials searching for alternative solutions for parents.

"We're looking to see what might be possible on short notice to help facilitate some arrangements for them," said Oppenheimer.

These issued arose just before the Lakota School district's first day of class this year.

The statement from Lakota's Busing Service's website state in part, "LBS will not be providing morning and afternoon service to the Lakota school's this year."

The company said it had a total enrollment of just 50 students and that's why it canceled services.

Owner Troy Evans spoke to FOX19 Now off camera and said the students are too spread out geographically to run the buses for such a small number, and it doesn't make good business sense.

LBS began assisting the Lakota school district with its busing situation about 5 years ago.

"We had to cut high school busing as of some of the budget cuts we had to make back then," said Oppenheimer.

This could also affect students who are in grades 2nd through 8th. LBS may be busing some of them, depending on their location.

LBS has already suspended or canceled its service two separate times once in 2011 and another 2012 due to other unforeseen problems, according to reports.

One parent wrote on our Facebook page that this situation left her family struggling with transportation arrangements. She and her husband work full time, and she added "quitting my job is not an option."

The Lakota Busing Service says you can still sign up on its website, and they will contact you if and when the service resumes.

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