Go Fund Them

Go Fund Them

FOX19 - With students going back to school this month (if they haven't already) families are facing a familiar task: Getting kids into sports and finding the money to pay for the activities.

With schools pinched for resources, most have pay-to-play activity fees for athletes. Not everyone can afford those fees, though, so some families, and even teams, have gone the crowd funding route to pay for the fees.

One cheerleading squad in Portland, Oregon, had a gofundme.com account to pay for a trip to the cheerleading World Championships in Orlando. The cost was $1,200 per cheerleader: The campaign brought in a little more than a thousand.

This isn't unusual. Visit the gofundme.com website and click on the "sports" tab and you'll see hundreds of requests from teams and athletes, all asking strangers to help pay for their expenses to play a sport or travel to competitions.

That leads us to this question: Are youth sports becoming too expensive for a lot of kids? Are parents less able to chip in? We talk a lot about the benefits of sports for our kids. As we start the new school athletic season let's find ways to make sports accessible to everyone who wishes to play.

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