Cincinnati focuses on illegal dumping problem

Cincinnati focuses on illegal dumping problem
(Source: Wayne Cross, FOX19 NOW)
(Source: Wayne Cross, FOX19 NOW)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's a trashy problem in Cincinnati and the city is working to clean it up. Illegal dumping is a very big problem in the city.

Construction debris, furniture and tires are just some of the few items found near some abandoned properties around the city. The city is working to find new solutions to get things cleaned up.

Creating a city and county environmental crimes task force and transforming a dumping citation into a teaching tool are some solutions.

Maraskeshia Smith, Interim Director of Public Services for the city, says sometimes landlords who evict tenants, try to get around paying fees on items left behind in a home.

"If you are a business, if you're a landlord and you have tenants and you have a property that's over four units or more than you have to call a franchisee based on our ordinances," Smith said.

Those who are looking to get rid of an old sofa or mattress are in luck. The city will pick it up for free.

"Call the city. You can call 591-6000 or you can go to and get a collection date," said Smith.

A problem area in the city is near the University of Cincinnati.

"The university becomes a problem during UC's move in and out weeks, so students move out and it's a problem because they just place their items on the curb and these are actually valuable items," Smith said.

Another solution the city is working on is to get organizations like Goodwill and similar entities to ask students if they would like to donate those items.

They're also safety concerns with illegal dumping. The concerns are that kids and cleaning crews could get hurt from broken class and needles.

In the meantime the department wants to meet with community leaders, tenants and landlords to find more solutions, before taking the plan to the neighborhood committee.

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