Police Investigate Two Shootings

A 16 year old is dead as Cincinnati police investigate two shootings.

It happened at about 8 o'clock Sunday night police say that William Lee Copland was shot in the head as he was driving. He is from Fairfield, Ohio. Police are still looking for information in this shooting as well as another shooting in the same neighborhood just a few hours later.

Police believe someone was shot in a Shell Station a early Monday morning. Witnesses tell police a man---around 40 years old drove up in a white Lexus SUV, he then got out of his car and walked over to another car. Police say he pointed a gun into the back seat pulled the trigger. When screams came from the car everyone around scattered.

Police are not only looking for the shooter in this case they are looking for the victim because no one came forward. Police are waiting at local hospitals to find anyone who may have been checked in with gunshot wounds but nothing so far.

Police are asking for any information you might have to help them get to the bottom of all this. They ask you to call crime stoppers  352 3040. You can remain anonymous and you could get cash for information---but only good information that actually leads to an arrest.