Officials: Stay clear of high voltage streetcar wires

Officials: Stay clear of high voltage streetcar wires (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Look up and look out. That's the message from Cincinnati Metro officials as crews test the streetcar's high voltage electrical system.

The wires hang above the ground track and serve to power the Cincinnati Streetcar. Residents are warned to stay at least ten feet away from the overhead wire system at the Over-the-Rhine loop. The loop starts at near Music Hall, turns at Race and Henry near Findlay Market and then ends at 12th and Race.

Always assume the wire electric is on, Metro said. A permit is required if you're working near the overhead electrical system – that includes utility work using ladders or lifts.

There's a lot of building renovation going on along the streetcar route.  Officials ask for extreme caution when doing the following near the overhead wire system:

  • Chutes or throwing debris out of windows -- removing construction debris from upper floors of buildings to dumpsters below
  • Ladders, lifts, scaffolding, etc. -- washing windows, painting, roofing or doing other maintenance work
  • Deliveries to upper floors of buildings -- using lifts, jacks or other raised-platform equipment
  • Wired equipment on upper floors -- installing cable or satellite television, telecommunications, alarm systems, etc.
  • Front-loading fork trucks -- emptying trash dumpsters

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