Mother battling cancer skydives with son before he deploys to military

Sabrina and Chandler hug after landing (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW)
Sabrina and Chandler hug after landing (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW)

FOX19 - Sabrina Veith is one brave woman. Not only did she jump out of an airplane on Wednesday morning, but she is also battling cancer and sending off her son to the military.

Sabrina's son, Chandler, will head to the military as an airman next month. Before he could leave, Chandler decided he would like to try out skydiving at home first.

After encouragement from her husband, Sabrina, who is battling stage four colon cancer, decided to join Chandler on Wednesday to create a memory. A memory that will stay with the mother and son.

"It was the most amazing experience," Sabrina said after they landed. "I was so scared and I didn't think I would do it. It was the most incredible experience in my life."

A kiss and hug marked the duo's safe landing.

"There's not really words to explain it," said Chandler. "It's the greatest thing ever."

So what's next on Sabrina's bucket list? Zip lining could be in the near future she said.

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