Male prostitute: Mayor 'sexually assaulted me'

Batesville Mayor extortion (VIDEO)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (FOX19) - "I mean my face is out there everywhere. I can't even leave now," says Randy Wigle-Stevens, the man at the center of a prostitution and extortion scandal involving the mayor of Batesville, Ind.

Randy Wigle-Stevens is charged with prostitution, intimidation and failure to disclose dangerous communicable disease, a felony in Indiana. But if you ask him and his husband, they are the true victims in this case.

Wigle-Stevens says he received a call from Richard Fledderman in June requesting a massage at his home in Batesville.

When Wigle-Stevens arrived, he says Fledderman appeared to be extremely intoxicated and met him at the door in a robe.

"He is four times bigger than me. He got on top of me. I struggled and struggled and tried to get him off of me. It was a complete nightmare," said Wigle-Stevens.

He claims the mayor forced him to perform oral sex.

After the assault, Wigle-Stevens says he stayed at the mayor's home for an additional two hours.

"Why did I stay and talk to him? Because I wanted to badger him after I realized he was the mayor for what he had done to me," said WIgle-Stevens.

According to the affidavit, Fledderman paid Wigle-Stevens $170 for his services. Several days later, Wigle-Stevens asked for an additional $250, money he says covered the additional 2 hours he spent at Fledderman's home.

"Intimidation and extortion is when you are asking for thousands of dollars. I didn't do that. I asked for what he owed," said Wigle-Stevens.

While Wigle-Stevens claims he only agreed to a massage service, his husband David Stevens says the couple are advocates for sex worker rights.

"'I'm okay with my husband making money however he chooses. It's his life I want him to be happy, that's none of my business," said Stevens.

Stevens says he isn't concerned about the charges of prostitution but the felony Wigle-Stevens is facing for not disclosing his HIV positive status.

"Nobody was ever at risk so why is he being charged? We have the labs from his doctors showing he is undetectable," said Stevens.

"There is a witch hunt against gay people in the state of Indiana," said Wigle-Stevens.

Wigle-Stevens maintains while he is HIV positive, there was no consensual sexual contact or intercourse with the mayor adding he reported the assault to state police and now feels he is being victimized again by the legal system.

"He sexually assaulted me and got off with patronizing a prostitute. How does that happen?" said Wigle-Stevens.

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