Dog flu cases cross from Cincinnati to NKY

Dog flu cases cross from Cincinnati to NKY

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - A veterinarian clinic in northern Kentucky saw its first dog flu case as the virus spreads at several kennels and parks in Cincinnati.

Doctors at the Erlanger Veterinary Hospital treated a dog on Aug. 6 for the "Korean strain" of canine influenza. Dr. Tony Schumann said the dog most likely picked up the virus from an unknown dog park in Cincinnati.

The dog successfully recovered several days after treatment.

The pup had already received a flu vaccine, but it did not protect against the particular virus strain. Dr. Schumann said the Korean strain has a low mortality rate. However, it is believed to be more severe and contagious than the common influenza.

Clinical symptoms of canine flu show up about seven days after exposure, said Schumann.

An Ohio boarding facility recently sent an email to customers confirming there have been several cases of dog flu in the Cincinnati/Mason area.

The PetSmart in Mason has reported the illness at their doggy day care center, but claim it's all cleaned up and they're back in business.

Camp Bow Wow in Cincinnati advised owners against bring dogs for boarding, daycare or taking them to the dog park.

Schumann said a couple of other northern Kentucky vets have treated flu cases in dogs that caught the virus across the river.

Vets say good hygiene can help prevent the spread of canine flu. The flu can be brought home on your hands and clothes, so owners should wash hands if they touch another dog. Some doctors have advised against taking dogs to the park or out for play-dates.

For more information on symptoms and treatment, check out the CDC's guides on canine influenza.

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