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Consider This: Kentucky Clerk refuses to issue licenses

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If you didn’t perform duties you were hired to do, you'd most likely lose your job.  

So why is Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis still employed while continuing to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses?  That's even after a U.S. District judge ordered her to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage.
As County Clerk, Ms. Davis’ job is to issue marriage licenses, but because her religious beliefs differ from what the Supreme Court has legalized, she's taken matters into her own hands.  She's decided not to issue marriage licenses to any couple - gay or straight - and this has been happening for over a month!   So why is this being allowed to continue? 
The ruling says Ms. Davis has "likely violated the U.S. Constitution's ban on the government establishing a religion by openly adopting a policy that promotes her own religious convictions at the expense of others."  
Consider this.  We agree with Kentucky governor Steve Beshear who has said to the county clerk:  issue the licenses or resign!  

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