More Teens Using More Guns

A Cincinnati Police Captain says more needs to be done about teen crime. In four days last week, three teens were involved in two shootings and one death. According to police, they're seeing more guns on the street and more teenagers are using them.

"The viciousness of the offenses and violence that these kids are throwing out here is overwhelming," Cpt. Vince Demasi says.

Cpt. Demasi says right now about one in every four Cincinnati homicides involve someone younger than 18. But the issue, he says, is not gang related.

"The problem we're having is that there's probably about a nucleus of maybe about 50 to 100 criminals," Cpt. Demasi says. "And their ages now aren't 25 to 30. Their ages are more along the lines of 15 and 16."
In Bond Hill, where a 16-year-old was killed Sunday, community council president, Aaron Fairbanks says the problem is two-fold. He believes parents should be held more accountable for where their children are at night, and he says more involvement in activities like community watch will help too.
"You need more than just a few [volunteers]," Fairbanks says. "We're willing to step up, but we need some help."