Hamilton Police honor retired hero decades later

Hamilton officer honored for saving life in 1965 (VIDEO)

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A former Hamilton Police Officer was recognized for saving someone's life decades later.

Former officer Craig Ruppert received a proclamation Monday from the Chief of Police and was honored by the department for his actions back in 1965.

In June of 1965, Officer Ruppert responded to a car crash that ejected three people, leaving one person pinned underneath while the vehicle was on fire.
Ruppert helped the fire department put out the flames and pulled the victim to safety.

Ruppert's actions were recently brought to the attention of Chief Craig Bucheit, according to Hamilton police.  Upon receiving this information, files of the department were researched and the original letter outlining the actions of Ruppert was located confirming his actions.

When they invited Ruppert back, they didn't tell him he'd be honored.

"When I walked in here I'm sitting up front and it's all about me, quite a surprise  I'll tell ya," Ruppert said.

Ruppert said when it happened several other officers recommended him for an award, but nothing ever happened.

"Back when I was on you didn't get medals, you didn't get no accommodations, you didn't get nothing. Other than it's part of your job," Ruppert said.

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