Sheriff Jones supports Trump's stance on immigration

Sheriff Jones supports Trump on immigration (VIDEO)

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - For weeks now, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said he has been in contact with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Jones, known as one of the nation's toughest sheriff's on immigration, has not officially endorsed him but he's listening, he said.

"I believe people should be self deported. No welfare, no free stuff anymore, Americans first, jobs first for Americans.That's what he says too," Jones told FOX19 NOW in regards to Trump's public stance on immigration.

"Trump's call for Mexico to build a wall along the border, impose tariffs and fees and limit the number of issued green cards and visas is a plan I could potentially support," said Jones.

The republican candidate for president also wants to take away the birthright for American citizenship, a magnet he calls it for illegal immigration.

"The babies that are born here, was not what it was intended for but that is what it is being used for. They come here illegally. It is a total broke down mess," stated Jones.

But the League of United Latin American Citizens called Trump's ideas hateful rhetoric, not true policy solutions.

Jones has faced similar criticism for the same ideas, he claimed.

Now with Trump leading the polls, Sheriff Jones said it's time for a conversation.

"Right now, that is the person I want to talk to," said Jones.

Sheriff Jones also said he has been invited to New York to discuss policy with Trump but would much rather the republican candidate make his first stop in the swing state of Ohio right here in Butler County.

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