Company responds after wire-like objects found in dog food

Dog food discovery (VIDEO)
The questionable items found in Milo's food. (FOX19 NOW)
The questionable items found in Milo's food. (FOX19 NOW)
Milo. (FOX19 NOW)
Milo. (FOX19 NOW)

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A strange discovery has some dog owners wondering what's in the food they're feeding their pets.

Concerns were raised over what appeared to be foreign wire-like objects protruding from some Pedigree dog food. Many of those concerns resulted in posts to the "Visitor Posts" section of Pedigree's Facebook page.

A northern Kentucky woman discovered the same mysterious situation when she checked her dog's food Monday after seeing a post on social media.

"I looked through the pieces that were in his bowl and saw that there was a couple little pieces that I was concerned about in it and couldn't believe that it really was," said Tamela Presser of Walton, Kentucky.

Her dog Milo is 6-years-old.

"It was sticking out of it and it's real small. It looks like a little piece of metal that is bendable, but enough to where if you rub it across your hand, it kind of hurts," said Presser.

A company spokesperson says the objects are "natural fibers."

"We've heard from some consumers that they've seen some pieces of kibble with what they think is a wire sticking out, but we've confirmed it's actually natural fibers.  Because PEDIGREE is manufactured using meat and bone meal, it's possible for natural fibers, like pig hair, to appear in the finished kibble," said Lisa Campbell, director of Marketing Communications for Mars Petcare, who owns Pedigree.

Some of the owners who have aired concerns said the food made their dogs sick.

According to Campbell, the same has happened to Milo on occasion.

"He does eat sometimes and get sick on it, and I kind of wondered if that was the problem now - if that's what he's getting sick on," Presser told FOX19 NOW.

Company officials said they run hundreds of quality checks each day in their plants that include metal detection.

On top of that, a company spokesperson said that their quality teams "evaluated product that has been returned because of this concern ad have confirmed that it is the natural fibers."

In the same statement, it is promised that there is "absolutely no quality or safety concern with the natural fibers. They are completely safe for dogs to consume."

"I feel better, but I'm still on the edge of, 'Do I feed him this or do I not,'" Presser said.

On the bag's ingredient list, meat and bone meal are included, but natural fibers are not.

Company officials say, "The natural fibers are not specifically called out as they can be a natural result of the process. They are not a specific raw ingredient."

If you have any concerns, you're asked to contact Pedigree at 1-800-525-5273.

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