Drivers are ask to be vigilant of kids heading back to school

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) – - Students will arrive by car, bus and on foot. Some nervous and some excited. Students are heading back to class, which means motorist need to be more vigilant.

"They need to pay attention early morning hours, after school hours to the school zones at 20 miles an hour, pay attention to that and to kids that might be in and around the road way," said Hamilton Police Spokesperson Kristy Collins.

Hamilton students are already back to school but there is some advice that students everywhere can take with them.

"I'm in the schools a lot; I talk to kids a lot. Look both ways. Don't always assume a vehicle is going to stop. Don't always assume don't always assume that a driver is going to see you," said Collins.

If motorist are caught speeding they will get a ticket.

"We do have officers occasionally working the school zone areas we also have the speed enforcement vehicle," said Collins. "What happens with that is an officer for the school zone areas mans the vehicle if you're going over the limit  that he sets it will take the picture of the license plate and then it's mailed to the person."

The hope is that motorist will stay valiant on the roads.

"It's everybody's kid going to school. It's so important. We don't want anything bad to happen to our kids," said Collins.

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