Bush, Putin Agree To Fight Spread Of Nukes

Bush and Putin agree to controls on nuclear weapons

President Bush and his Russian counterpart are finding common ground on the spread of nuclear weapons. But they've also discussed the Bush administration's concerns that the Russian leader isn't committed to democratic principles.

After their meeting today in Slovakia, Bush told reporters that he and Putin agreed on steps to keep nuclear arms away from terrorists. And he says they agreed that Iran and North Korea shouldn't have nuclear arms.

As for the concerns that Vladimir Putin is trying to solidify his power and clamp down on civil liberties, Bush says he made it clear that strong countries are based on strong democracies. But it's not clear how far Bush went in raising those issues with Putin.

Putin told reporters, "Russia has made its choice in favor of democracy." And he added, "There is no way back, there can be no return to what we used to have."