Kentucky students fight 'no collarbone' dress code

Kentucky students fight 'no collarbone' dress code

FOX19 - A Kentucky high school is reconsidering its decade-old dress code after photos of a student who violated the 'no collarbone' policy went viral.

Stephanie Hughes' mother posted a photo to Facebook of the outfit that got her daughter sent home from Woodford County High School. Hughes' shirt was not a crew neck or button up and therefore violated the school's dress code stating tops "must not extend below the collarbone."

Hughes, 16, covered up with a scarf, but her mom said that still did not satisfy school administrators.

"Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing class because they are showing their collarbones," Stacie Dunn's Facebook post stated.

The dress code controversy ignited earlier this year when a Woodford County student made a short documentary about the topic. In the film, female students talk about the perceived double standards and missed class time that's resulted from the clothing rules.

"I don't think they understand that not all body types are the same," one student says to the camera. "And so while it might be easier for one person to find clothing that's in the dress code, it's a lot harder for me."

After the documentary and Hughes' photo made headlines across the country, the high school principal is opening up to suggestions from students, according to Dunn's Facebook.

The school board will reportedly meet next month to decide if a new dress code will be implemented.

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