Ashley Madison hack revealed city, school email addresses

Ashley Madison hack revealed city, school addresses

FOX19 - Three email addresses from City of Cincinnati official accounts were among the 39 million released after the hacking of the cheating website Ashley Madison.

One firefighter, one police officer and one sewer worker have allegedly signed up to the cheating website using their official City of Cincinnati email accounts.
"Based on a lack of sufficient information, it'd be inappropriate to comment on the matter at this time," said City Manager Harry Black. "That being said, the City of Cincinnati does have an email policy and anyone who violates that would be subject to possible disciplinary action."
Other accounts hacked in the data breach are one employee from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, one from Cincinnati Public Schools, one from Kenton County Schools, one from Mason County Schools, one from Owen County Schools and one from Fayette County Schools.

It's possible individuals could sign up using the, or any other official account, as an alias. Ashley Madison does not require verification during registration.

If a spouse learns of their partner's infidelity and wants a divorce, the cost could add up.

"So if someone had an active account with Ashley Madison which cost money to join and they have gone to hotels and they have spent money on gifts to conduct an affair, than the other spouse who innocent in this is going to be entitled to receive at least half of what that person has spent," said divorce attorney Nancy Dameron-Frazier.

In the legal profession, the action is known as committing marital waste..

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