Local swim team helps woman with breast cancer

Local swim team helps woman with breast cancer

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - When someone is dealing with breast cancer or any type of cancer, they need a team behind them to help get them through.

One local woman didn't realize the team she would get would actually be a local swim team.

Like a lot of teams, the Cincinnati Marlins boys have known each for a long time, five years to be exact. Through dives and strides, they've stuck together

"When practice is hard we suffer together and then we become closer," said 15-year-old Nicholas Czepukaitis.

Like brothers, they have each other backs even outside of the pool.  No one knows that more than Nick Pfeifer, who's been going through a lot.

"My dad took us into the family room and he sat us down and he said well your mom has breast cancer and I just looked at him and I stared for a couple seconds and just thinking like I never thought this could ever happen like - it was just it was just I can't say it in words," Pfeifer said.

A difficult time that the Marlins decided to take head on, the way they always have, as a team. It all started with Carson Foster.

"When I found out that Mrs. Pfeifer was diagnosed with breast cancer we thought it was a really good way to show support by making a team of marlins for the Race for a Cure," Foster said.

Czepukaitis says after Foster texted him back about it and agreed to join in the race.

Foster and Czepukaitis made a flyer to hang them around the Marlins pool and word spread.

"I've been texting and emailing people to join and our numbers keep rising," Czepukaitis said.

They have the largest group for Race for the Cure at 98 people and rising.

"We didn't expect to get this many people," Foster said.

It's a small gesture that left a big impression, especially on Nick and his family.

"Just to see all the people right behind her, helping her, supporting her and racing for her obviously it's just really great. I'm really grateful that they did it," Pfeifer said.

Pfeifer's mom, Julie, is now in radiation and her last radiation treatment is on Aug. 28, the day of Race for the Cure.

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