Butler County sheriff tough on illegal immigration

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff is taking a tough stand on illegal immigration.

Sheriff Richard Jones says he's assigned a detective to investigate reports of illegals and employers who hire them.

"Those of you that hire these people and do it knowingly and cheat the government and cheat all of us the sheriff will  be looking at you and I think the American people have just about had it up to here," Sheriff Jones said.

Sheriff Jones says he's asking for the public's help in identifying illegal immigrants.

"I am encouraging people to call the sheriff's office, report violations. If you work in factories or if you work for home builders, construction sites and you know that your employer is hiring illegals," Sheriff Jones said.

According to Jones, those here illegally are taking jobs away from lawful citizens.

"Jobs have been taken away from African Americans, young people, poor people and it's time to stop and I'm going to do my part and a small part in Butler County," Sheriff Jones said.

Within minutes of posting this tweet, the sheriff says he received a response. His ramped up stance comes in the wake of comments made by Billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"I like what Mr. Trump has to say. I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm getting pretty close to making an endorsement and I would say within a few weeks maybe sooner," Sheriff Jones said.

Jones says the crackdown on illegals will be picking up steam within the next few weeks.

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