Housing near Miami University has unique names

Oxford house sign controversy (VIDEO)
(Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW)
(Source: Michael Baldwin, FOX19 NOW)

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - As the college year begins across the country so does the signs aimed at Freshman.

A sign in West Virginia reads, "Your daughters walk of shame starts here."

Signs hanging down like that greeting parents and their college age kids got a fraternity at Virginia's Old Dominion University suspended.

Off campus housing at Miami University has signs as well but they've been there for years and mounted on the building. Some of the signs on the building read "King of the Hill," "Cheers" and "Tequila Mockingbird."

Others are a bit more risqué. Some read "Tuna", "All Bed No Breakfast", and "Smack my Bishop."  Two signs reference a women's private area.

"I mean I can see how they're inappropriate but it's a college town and it's not like this is a family neighborhood," said Isabelle Bromberg.

The city of Oxford's Community Development Director Sam Perry said the signs are protected by the 1st amendment even if some of the wording people find offensive. He explained there are only three ways the students can violate city code, which would force the signs to be taken down or adjusted.

The signs must be four feet off the ground and no higher than 18 feet. There can be no light mounted and the sign might me mounted to the building. Finally, the sign can be no more than six square feet measured in a rectangle.

Perry said maybe 5 to 10 signs a year violate code and need to be adjusted but there have been very few complaints.

Caroline Studebaker, who moved into her house called Wigwam about a week ago, said most students know where to go by the name of the houses and do not know the streets. She said changing a name on a house that's been around for a while is not done often.

"When you create a name you have to be careful because it can offend someone," Studebaker said. "Yeah, they're some questionable ones."

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