Hamilton County mother says high school students pull gun on her son

Mom on edge after she says group of kids held up her son (VIDEO)

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A Hamilton County mother is on edge after she says a group of high school boys approached her 11-year-old son, an older cousin and friend.

"They were approached said they were looking for another kid. They need Gabe cause Gabe had some weed for them and they said they don't know who you're talking about," said the mother, who wanted to remain unidentified.

Mom said that's when one of the boys pulled out a gun. A friend tried to talk the situation down, saying that his friend was young.

"Dude he's only like 10-years-old and that guy said I don't give a *blank* how old he is he said. I done been to jail five time," said the mother.

The mother said according to her son, that's when another teenager flashed a gun and told them quote, "We're not playing." She said the boys demanded the other group's belongings which included, a phone and skateboard. They even demanded that the boys lay on the ground.

The 11-year-old managed to dial his father on the phone.

"They say who you calling then my husband answer the phone, he said dad they got a gun," said the mother.

Mom said, according to her son, the boys scattered. She watched as her son, nephew and his friend made their way home. She said Colerain Police Department took statements, but that was it.

"The cops said they'd get back to me today I've not heard back from nobody, nobody today," said the mother.

The mother says all of the kids are in fear, not wanting to go to school. She just wants the culprits caught.

"They need to be punished, that's not funny; my son was in tears. They were all upset," she said.
Police have yet to respond after being reached for a comment.

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