NKU student who showed pistol in library had filed lawsuit against the FBI

NKU student who showed pistol in library had filed lawsuit against the FBI

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky University student is accused of pulling a gun on someone in the campus library last month.

Campus police responded to a report of a student in possession of a gun in a third-floor study area at Steely Library at around 9:45 a.m., on Aug. 27.

Jaylin Johnson, 23, was at Steely Library with a pistol concealed in her backpack, according to the incident report. Johnson showed the pistol and asked a victim to move from a certain seat that she wanted.

Police recovered a black Cobra 380 pistol that had a round in the chamber and a misfeed causing the slide to jam to the rear, according to the incident report. NKU originally said the gun was "inoperable" and no shots were fired.

It's not clear if she actually pulled the trigger when she was in the library. Johnson denied cocking the weapon, according to police.

Johnson was quickly taken into custody after officers questioned the her about the gun. She was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, menacing and disorderly conduct, according to the Campbell County Jail.

The school tweeted that there was no present threat to anyone on campus as a result of the incident.

After being arrested, she told police she carries the gun for protection because people are after her, she even told them she's asked for the FBI's help, according to court documents.

Police say Johnson is on high watch and they are monitoring her frequently because of her behavior.

Johnson was first arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in June of last year, according to court documents.

Documents from 2011 show Johnson filing a lawsuit against the FBI claiming they had been investigating her for years. She says that they've threatened her in order to keep her quiet.

In her lawsuit, Johnson says she was, "forced to undergo a mental evaluation," and was "diagnosed with a psychotic disorder," something she disputes.

NKU declined to comment Thursday after attempting  several times to try to see what programs and assistance they offer students with mental health issues.

Their current policy forbids all firearms on campus.

Kentucky Revised Statutes law says that state universities have the right to adopt a no-firearms policy if they choose, which Northern Kentucky University has adopted.

As a result of the incident, Johnson is prohibited from returning to campus barring the resolution of the criminal case against her.

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