Keeping Young Professionals

Census data shows that Hamilton County lost six percent of it's young professionals in the mid 20's and mid 30's during the 1990's. During that same period Columbus, Louisville, and Indianapolis gained folks from the same population.

That's the reason Vice Mayor Alicia Reece got into local politics, " In fact that's the reason I ran in 1999. When I graduated none of my friends came back, they went to other cities they thought were more progressive." Reece says young professionals need a life, outside of work.

Shawn Mummert a member of Cincinnati Advance, seconds that emotion. Cincinnati Advance is an organization that helps young professionals become more involved in the social scene. Mummert also encourages companies to aggressively recruit young professionals to work.

The Vice Mayor also believes you should start early, " I'd like to see a scholarship endowment that allows them to go to college and live in Cincinnati for at least two years. Mummert adds, "talk about what we hve right now, and amke it hospitiable for adding new things Cincy can't help but succeed."