Consider This: Ashley Madison Hack

Consider This Ashley Madison Hack

FOX19 - Another internet security breach has been making news.

There have been a lot of jokes about the fact that hackers had targeted cheating website Ashley Madison.  Maybe the estimated 37 million clients, including some local officials, were finding out that cheating will cost you in ways never imagined.
However, that humor may be more than a little misplaced.  For now, the hackers have decided they don't like adultery.  Next week, it could be moms who buy yoga pants, or people who like to share pictures of their dogs or even information about our children's activities.   While mostly harmless, most of us wouldn't want those details shared with a worldwide audience.

Consider this, personal information on the internet is there for people to see. Even the IRS wasn't safe from a security breach. Here at FOX19 NOW, we regularly check social media before we hire.

Perhaps the real lesson is you can do what you want online, but just remember—hackers can't steal what you don't share.

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