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Kara Sewell: Rock The Bridge

‘I’m not here for the cardio’ – that’s what the t-shirts read at Cycle Bar’s ‘Rock the Bridge event.

Hundreds of cyclist and pseudo-cyclist (like me) came out to the Purple People Bridge to raise money for the American Heart Association. This event was the first of its kind for Cycle Bar in Cincinnati and if I was a betting woman I think we will be rocking the bridge again next year.

Cycle Bar is a spinning gym that offers a cardio blast workout in an hour; by blast I mean you can burn up to 500 calories in one session! The concept is simple, they moved all the bikes onto the bridge and we cycled our butts off with an awesome view and cool breeze.

Rob, Frank and I were all supposed to cycle but guess who backed out? Mr. Frank is not a fan of working out so that left Rob and I to represent.

The instructors are dynamic to say the least and we were told while riding your bike on a scale of one to ten (ten being a trip to the ER) you should be at a six; let me assure you I was at a nine the entire ride! I had to slow down a few times but you’re so dang scared they’re going to be disappointed in you, you keep going.

I guess this is why you burn so many calories. And if one of those instructors were my alarm clock I probably wouldn’t hit snooze so often.

But this is yet another reason I love Cincy; unique events that are accessible to the public.

‘Rock the Bridge’ asked for a minimum donation of $20 and with that you got a free shirt, hat plus drinks and pizza.

I’ve lived a lot of places during my career and few places know how to engage the community like Cincinnati. Please share any other events you think will rock my world. 

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