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More officers shot and killed leading to heightened concerns in departments

(Source: Ben Katko, FOX19 NOW) (Source: Ben Katko, FOX19 NOW)

Across the nation, dozens of officers have died by gunfire this year.

At home, Cincinnati Police officer Sonny Kim was one of them.  He was gunned down in Madisonville over the summer.  Other officers have died the same way.

Police officers realize what they do is dangerous, but for them, things are a bit different on the streets these days.

"The environment right now seems to be it's a sport.  That it's okay to go after police officers,” said Colerain Township Police Chief Mark Denney.

On Tuesday, an officer was shot and killed in Illinois.  On Friday, an officer in Texas was ambushed at a gas station. In the last week, two more officers were gunned down in Louisiana. 

Locally, CPD officer Sonny Kim was lured and shot in Madisonville.  Tri-State native Jason Ellis was also ambushed and murdered on a highway near
Louisville, which is still unsolved.

"Everybody in society should feel the burden of that problem.  No matter who or what you are, you have loved ones and somebody loves you somewhere.  You matter,” said Lt. Jeff Braun with the Delhi Township Police Department.

The policing climate these days has officers looking at how they do their jobs.

"It's a dangerous job.  No one promised us that we'd go home safe at night, but, it would certainly be nice to have things a little safer for them,” Denney told FOX19 NOW.

In Colerain Township, making things safer means looking for extra training, especially for ambushes.  Police leaders are also harping on a mantra to their officers of being aware of your surroundings.

"When I'm home I'm thinking of my guys.  Are they safe?  Are they being taken care of?  What's going on at work,” Denney said.

This year alone, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, more than 20 officers have been killed by gunfire all over the country.

"The most important thing for us as police officers is that all lives matter,” Braun told FOX19 NOW.

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