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Heart Shaped Tub

For sale at Poconos lodge: The heart-shaped tub, and a lot more

It was once the jewel of the Poconos, but now the Mount Airy Lodge is dank, musty and not worth much more than some of its parts can bring at a March auction. How about a nice, heart-shaped bathtub, or 80? They'll be for sale March Fifth and Sixth along with Engelbert Humperdinck's gold-painted headboard and thousands of other items. Closed since 2001 because of financial problems, the once-celebrated vacation spot is now boarded up and falling apart. Black water fills the Olympic-sized indoor pool. The 12-hundred-acre resort once attracted some of the biggest names in show business, from Humperdinck to Bob Hope to Tony Bennett. Owner Louis DeNaples is widely expected to eventually apply for a slot-machine casino license.

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