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Middletown police searching for pistol-whipping suspect


Middletown police are searching for the suspect involved in a pistol-whipping incident that occurred Wednesday. 

An officer said he was on patrol at the intersection of 14th and University streets when he noticed a vehicle while on patrol coming up from behind traveling at a high rate of speed, consistently honking the horn.  The officer also reported observing several subjects screaming out the window of the vehicle. 

According to reports, Freddrekka Bonds, left the vehicle from the front passenger seat and ran towards his cruiser and began pulling the passenger side door of the cruiser open. 

At that time, the officer stated he noticed Bonds was bleeding from her face. 

Bonds told the officer she had been shot in the face by Easton Pierson at The Elks.

It was later confirmed that she had been pistol whipped, showed reports. 

Pierson reportedly attempted to shoot her several times with the gun but it was jammed or misfired.

Officials said Easton had struck Bonds in the face by the gun as it simultaneously shot a bullet towards the front of the vehicle which is what led the victim to believe she had been shot. 

Bonds was able to get into the vehicle in order to escape. 

Bonds initially declined to be transported to the hospital, but was taken at a later date after her mother responded to police. 

Reports show that several witnesses confirmed the accounts Bonds made to the officer. 

Several officers and detectives checked multiple locations for the suspect and were unable to locate him. 

If you have any information you are asked to call the Middletown Police Department at 513-425-7700. 

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