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3 Miami U frats kicked off campus

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Miami University students headed back to class this semester with three less fraternities on campus.

Sigma Nu, Kappa Sigma and Pi Kappa Si were suspended during the Summer break following multiple hazing allegations, according to records from the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution.

Sigma Nu

Men in Sigma Nu forced pledge members to chug 100 beers and keep tally with marks on their stomachs, documents state. Pledges were not allowed to shower or shave.

The alleged violations took place in the Spring and were recorded on Snapchat and text messages.

Sigma Nu lost an appeal to the suspension and is off campus until 2018.

Kappa Sigma

During an investigation in March, the university received reports that new members of Kappa Sigma cleaned current members’ rooms, bought their food, were “required to sleep in annex housing in the middle of the day” and were made to do overnight workouts.

“Workouts were held between 3:30 a.m. and 6 a.m., allegedly causing exhaustion,” records state.

Kappa Sigma is suspended through 2016.

Pi Kappa Si

Members of Pi Kappa Si faced the suspension over a February event where minors were served alcohol, according to reports. The report also states that “inappropriate pictures” were taken at that event and distributed via social media.

Pi Kappa Si is suspended until 2019.

Suspended fraternities are not recognized by the university, not allowed to host any activities in the name of the fraternity or involving any Miami students, according to Claire Wagner, Director of Communications and Marketing.

The university released the following statement:

Miami University forbids hazing and takes all allegations very seriously. It is unfortunate when those actions require the closing of a chapter or organization, but the safety and well-being of our students is too important to risk doing anything less.

As you can see from the records, the university investigated the complaints and took action to remove from Miami those student groups found responsible for violations.

Unfortunately, hazing can occur in a wide range of student organizations. Whether in a fraternity or sorority or with any other group involving Miami students, the safety of our students is always our highest concern. Miami University, along with national organizations, provides much education about hazing prevention and establishes expectations for our student organizations and their members. 

We strongly encourage anyone who suspects or knows of hazing or any occurrences of misconduct to report them to Miami University or Oxford police, or to local law enforcement if the incident is away from Oxford.

The university also actively educates about and enforces alcohol laws and university policies, for the safety and health of our students and others.

We will never tolerate hazing, or putting organizational members or their guests at risk due to the prohibited or high risk use of alcohol.

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