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Driver sought after hit-and-run injures Fairfield teen walking after school

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A family is hoping you can help them find the driver who slammed into their daughter while walking home after school. 
The 16-year old victim will be just fine, but the driver took off after the incident that happened last week at the intersection of Resor Road and Winton Road in Fairfield. 
"It was scary.  I thought I was going to pass out or die,” said Martina Rios, the girl who was hit. 

Rios is a Fairfield High School student.  Last week, she was hit by a car after being dropped off from school by a friend just down the road from her home. 

"I saw the sign to go and I started walking, and the car immediately came up and hit me,” Rios told FOX19 NOW. 

She saw the car and the driver after she was hit, but the driver just drove away.  Rios was left with a busted and bloody chin, bumps and bruises and a concussion. 

"My vision was getting blurry.  I saw blackness and then I saw the light and then blackness,” she said. 

She was able to get herself to a relative's house next door for help.  Her father had been trying to reach her after leaving work that day to make sure she made it home from school safely.  His phone call was answered by paramedics. 

"It's unbelievable that somebody knowingly knows they hit somebody and then just leave without really checking to see if they're okay or not,” said Michael Kreimer, Martina’s father. 
That's why the family has posted several colorful signs around the intersection where the accident happened.  The signs include information about the accident, as well as a description of the driver of the car that hit Rios.  The hope is that the signage will jog memories to generate a few leads for police in their investigation. 

"Hopefully somebody that may have seen the accident that hasn't called the police yet, maybe they can call and give them more information.  Maybe they got a better description.  Maybe a license number,” Kreimer said. 

As for Rios, her injuries are mostly healed.  But what happened last Thursday, will be hard to forget. 

"When you watch movies and stuff, you always see that happen, but you would have never thought it would actually happen to you,” Rios said. 
On the posters, the family says they believe the driver is an older man with white hair and a white goatee driving a light-colored Mercedes.  Kreimer told FOX19 NOW on Thursday that at least one person had called police with some information.  
If you know anything that can help with the investigation, call Fairfield Police at 513-829-8201. 

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