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Betsy Ross: Rules of engagement

It's happened again.

In the span of a little more than a week, another high school football referee has been assaulted during a game and again, it happened in Texas.

This time the incident involved a player from San Antonio's St. Anthony High School who, video shows, shoved a referee following an unsportsmanlike call during a game.

Here's the setup: The player had been involved in a scuffle on the field and a referee threw a flag. The player then walked up to the referee and shoved him by the shoulders before his teammates could pull him away.

No surprise, the player was ejected from the game.

Of course all this comes eight days after the incident at John Jay High School, when two players tackled a backfield judge during a game.

What's precipitating these incidents? The John Jay players say the referee used racial slurs. For his part the referee is considering criminal charges.

What's causing this disrespect of authority? Is it the pressure to win, especially in football-mad Texas? Is it the pressure student-athletes feel to earn a scholarship? Or is it just the overall tone of today's culture: You disrespect me, you pay-with a shove, a tackle or a gun.

The difference is that these incidents on the football field are now captured on video. And we all can see just how disturbing this disrespect of authority on the field of play has become.

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