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Mom posts photo of family by father's coffin to show reality of heroin addiction

(Photo: Eva Holland/Facebook) (Photo: Eva Holland/Facebook)

A woman from Cincinnati took to Facebook following the death of her children's father in order to spread awareness about heroin addiction. 

[ Click here to see the photo. Warning: The image may be disturbing to some.] 

The photo shows Eva Holland standing with her two children next to the casket holding their father's body. 

The post has been shared over 264,380 times on Facebook and has over 90 comments since posting it to her page Thursday. 

Holland captioned the image with: 

"I'm sure this photo makes a lot of people uncomfortable it may even [expletive] a few people off but the main reason I took it was to show the reality of addiction. If you don't choose recovery every single day this will be your only way out. No parent should have to bury their child and no child as young as ours should have to bury their parent. This was preventable it didn't have to happen but one wrong choice destroyed his family. I know a lot of people may be upset I'm putting it out in the open like This but hiding the facts is only going to keep this epidemic going."

Holly Specht is a board member for NKY Hates Heroin. She said she supports the post and the shock value might be the best way to get the word out.

“Whatever it takes to get the message out,” she said from her home in Fort Thomas. "This is real and its happening to our families and to our loved ones,” Specht said.

Specht knows the pains that heroin can cause all to well. Her son Nicholas was just 30 when he died of an overdose in her bathroom. He had been in recovery for five months before he died. Since his death, Specht’s family started their organization to help families deal with problems heroin can cause. They put out a 50 page Resource Guide that covers everything a person or family member needs to know about dealing with heroin.

Holland posting to the social media to talk about the death of a family member due to heroin is not the first to due so in the Tri-State. Just over a week ago, a Middletown woman told her daughters story in an Obituary. Dorothy Shumake told the story of her daughter Alison and how she died of a heroin overdose.

The post from Holland has now gone round the world. Here is the rest of it:

The cold hard truth is heroin kills. You may think it will never happen to you but guess what that's what Mike thought too. We were together 11 years. I was there before it all started. I knew what he wanted out of this life, all his hopes and dreams. He never would've imagined his life would turn out this way. He was once so happy and full of life. He was a great son, brother, friend but most importantly he was a great dad. He loved those kids more than anything. But as we all know sometimes life gets tough and we make some wrong choices. His addiction started off with pain pills then inevitably heroin. He loved us all so much he decided enough was enough and went to rehab at the end of last year. He got out right before Christmas as a brand new man. He had found His purpose for living again, he found his gorgeous smile again, he became the man, the son, the brother, the dad that we all needed him to be again. He did so good for so long but then a couple months ago It started with a single pill for a "tooth ache" which inevitably lead him back down the road of addiction instead of staying the coarse of recovery. He said he could handle it, that he could stop on his own and didn't need to get help again. Well he was wrong, last Wednesday he took his last breath. My kids father, the man I loved since I was a kid, a great son and a great person lost his battle. I just needed to share his story in case it can help anyone else."

Holland also took to Facebook to thank everyone for sharing her story saying, "Talking about the problem is truly helping. I've had people tell me that his story stopped them from using and others who say it's motivating them to continue their recovery, even if it a just for the day, this is saving lives."

Another post by Holland Monday noted a disclaimer from the father's parents stating, "They said it doesn't bother them they just want me to clarify that although we know he struggled with addiction that they have not gotten a coroner's report back yet with the official cause of death."

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