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Vote of confidence from FOP for interim chief


After only a few days on the job, Interim Chief Eliot Isaac addressed city council on plans that will help solve the issues listed in a climate assessment survey last week.

The survey cited issues such as a lack of leadership, lack of communication and lack of technology.

"One of things is as far as the officers are feeling, as their morale, just to be listened to, to be heard. They want to feel like that there is someone leading the organization that understands what they go
through,” said Isaac.

Fraternal Order of Police President Kathy Harrell said that no one wanted to see Blackwell not succeed. She says suggestions on how to fix problem from police captains didn’t go anywhere. For Isaac, the pressure is on.

"Oh is it on him you better believe it is. If he expects to be the next chief he better get it done. I'm not laughing when I say that. He said that up there today,” said Harrell.

"I think we're well on our way to getting this department back to where we know it has been in the past and where we want to get it back to,” said City Manager Harry Black.

Isaac plans to develop a strategic direction which will define the core mission and objectives of the agency.

"Everybody is just ready to move forward. They want to put the past behind us and really move forward and do the best that we can for the citizen of Cincinnati,” said Isaac.

Isaac said he would apply for the position of Chief if the situation was right and if he was needed.

City Manager Harry Black says the job position should be posted in about a week or two.
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