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Independence, 3 other cities to share police protection


City leaders in Independence plan to become part of an agreement with surrounding cities when it comes to police protection.
Along with Elsmere, Erlanger and Florence, Independence is part of an inter-local agreement called the Unified Police Protection System, according to the city’s meeting agenda.  Independence city council members passed the measure Monday night at their meeting.

"We talked about it a little bit.  It didn't take long to realize it was a great idea,” said Chris Reinersman, mayor of Independence.  "This is something that was initiated actually by Florence.  Florence, Erlanger and Elsmere started working together on it, and had passed it."

The Unified Police Protection System partnership allows police to use their authority outside of their jurisdiction when a need arises to cross the boundary.

That means for example, an Erlanger police officer could make an arrest in Florence.  Officials say the plan could help fight crime since many officers live in different districts.

"Where it helps a lot is with our detectives.  For example, if our detectives are working on an investigation, and they need to interview somebody in Boone County, they've got to set it up with Boone County or Florence Police because they don't have any authority
in that county,” Reinersman said.
Reinersman also said that a lot of the cops from the communities involved in the agreement live throughout all of those areas.  Those officers could now use their police powers if, for example, they see a crime happening outside their patrol
area maybe heading to and from work, if the situation were to arise.

City leaders hope the plan will streamline services and give the community better police protection.

"It's efficient from a point of view of them being able to police more effectively, and it's also an efficient use of taxpayer dollars,” Reinersman told FOX19 NOW.

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