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Nickelodeon hints at new 90s cartoon channel

(YouTube/TheSplat) (YouTube/TheSplat)
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90s kids rejoice: Nickelodeon might be bringing back your favorite shows on a brand new network dedicated solely to cartoons from the 1990s.

Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug and more of those classics seem like a distant memory, but online rumors suggest they’ll be featured on the new channel called “The Splat.”

Nickelodeon uploaded a YouTube video Saturday teasing The Splat. The video, titled "The Splat is Coming," features several of the old shows. The Splat even launched a Twitter and Facebook account with throwback cartoon photos and messages such as “You asked and we answered.”

Nickelodeon won’t confirm anything but has been promoting The Splat logo at events on the west coast.

While the rumors focus on a brand new channel, many people online have argued The Splat could also be a new Nickelodeon programming schedule or online channel.

While we wait for the official announcements, tells us on Facebook which Nickelodeon classics you’d like to see again.

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