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$1k reward being offered for information on decapitated dogs case

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Scrappy (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW) Scrappy (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW)

A $1,000 reward has been offered for anyone who has information about the two decapitated dogs that were found on Hamilton train tracks Tuesday.

The reward was made possible by an anonymous donor who is associated with the Animal Friends Humane Society.

Disturbing images of the dogs were posted to Facebook Monday. The dogs were left on the tracks near Urban and G streets Sunday night, according to Hamilton Police Sgt. Ed Buns.

[FOX19 NOW has blurred the graphic photos of the dogs. You can view the images at this link.] (Warning: You can view the unedited photos of the dogs here).

Jason Feltner, the brother of the owner of the dog named Scrappy, said the two-year-old pit bull was generally a good natured dog, but in July he bit a neighborhood girl who had come into the back yard to play with other children. After the incident Scrappy was moved to a new home and sometime over the weekend Feltner said the dog disappeared. 

"It's disturbing (my sister), she says if she knew this was going to happen she would have kept Scrappy regardless of what was going to happen," Feltner said.

His sister learned of Scrappy's death through the graphic photo on Facebook.

"They are more sadistic than I am," Feltner said of the people who are responsible. "There is no reason for them to do a dog like that."

Hamilton Police Sgt. Ed Buns said the department also learned from the Facebook post.

“Both of them had apparently been run over by a train," said Burns. "We currently have detective actively investigating the circumstances that led them being in the location they were in, the condition they were.”    

Law enforcement was not contacted about the situation until Tuesday morning, according to Buns. On Wednesday, officials were still trying to determine why the dogs were placed on the track and who is responsible.

“We’re very sure they were deceased before train came along,” said Buns.

An inspection of the dogs located at the scene showed no signs of a gunshot or other injury that would have resulted in the death of the animal, prior to being struck by a train, according to Buns.

"There's certain things you see in your career that makes you wonder what kind of a human being could do something like this,” Buns said.

Police do not have a suspect. Buns said they have received information on who to question about the situation.

Two dogs were shown in the original photo, but only one remained on the tracks when officials arrived Tuesday. It’s not clear who picked up the second dog.
"There was no indication that anything had been amiss with this dog previous to this, or what killed it,” Buns said.  “"We knew the dog had been hit by a train, but typically dogs don't get hit by trains.  They run away."

"My belief is they were placed on the tracks after either being rendered unconscious or killed and placed on the tracks to be run over by a train,” Buns said.

Buns called this a “very isolated incident” and said he’s never see anything like it in his career.

Hamilton Police Department detectives will continue to investigate the case.  Anyone with information should call 513-868-5811, EXT. 2002.

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