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Claims of overcrowded school buses in Boone County

(Photo: Jordan Vilines/FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Jordan Vilines/FOX19 NOW)

As Boone County students begin to settle into the new school year, it’s still a time of transition for the transportation they take to and from school.

The number of students who ride the bus dramatically changes in the first few weeks of school and some parents believe this is causing the buses to become overcrowded and unsafe.

Boone County is the third biggest school district in the state with nearly 20,000 students, many of whom take the bus.

One Boone County parent expressed his concern about his daughter’s safety when she rides the school bus because of how many students there are. The school district disagrees, saying that students on their buses are always safe.

“A lot of times the routes are changing and the students are changing from school to school,” said Barbara Cain Brady with Boone County Schools. “We have additions to the school district and subtractions to the school district which makes which makes the bus routes change every year.”

Balancing the buses and figuring out the hundreds of routes is quite a task to tackle, and Barbara Cain Brady says it can take up to two months of adjustments before finding the right fit.

“This is something that you should expect in the beginning of the every school year and in many big districts,” Brady told us. “It’s not just in Boone County schools where this happens.”

A father whose daughter attends Camp Ernst Middle School in Boone County says the overcrowding on the school bus isn’t just inconvenient, it’s irresponsible. His email to FOX19 NOW stated that on his daughter’s school bus, students were sitting three people to a seat and sitting and standing in the aisles.  

“The overcrowding is never a situation where kids are standing up on the bus because the buses will not roll with kids standing up. There is enough seating for all of the kids that are on the bus.”

While Brady admits that the buses certainly are crowded for now, she stands firm that the student’s safety will always remain their top priority.

School officials say the routes should be figured out in the next two weeks. 

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