The Gates

Thousands of people tour Central Park to bid farewell to 'The Gates'

There will be no more passing through "The Gates." The steel, fabric and plastic art project in New York's Central park is coming down. On the final day of its 16-day run Sunday, tourists and New Yorkers lined the 23-miles of footpaths for a final glimpse of Christo and Jean-Claude's exhibit. A nursing student says the closing is "kind of sad." She says it's been nice to see people out with their kids and dogs. Among the saddest to see "The Gates" depart is a hot dog vendor who opened his stand early because of the crowds. He says the project is not only beautiful, but also "good for business." The thousands of tons of steel, orange plastic and saffron-colored nylon fabric won't go to waste. It will be recycled into everything from paint rollers and steel reinforcing bars to PVC pipe.