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Huit: Indonesian Soul Food

My co-anchor Rob typically blogs about food and restaurants; the man can cook and loves to eat out. I don’t blame him; our city is full of fabulous restaurants at every price range.

But as we all have a tendency to do, I’ve been set in my ways, eating at familiar places and shrugging off new establishments.

Attending the Food & Wine Classic downtown jump started my desire to try new things. One of those places is Huit: Craft BBQ, French for 8. Tobias Harris is the chef and owner, although he will tell you not to call him chef.

This humble restaurant owner offers unique cuisine I had never even heard of until I tried his chicken satay at CFWC. Huit: Craft BBQ on Court Street between Vine & Walnut serves Indonesian soul food. I’ve walked by this restaurant a number of times but it’s small and simple and I thought “eh, I don’t want BBQ” – boy was I wrong!

The flavors are far from traditional BBQ and while they serve ribs and a pulled pork sandwiches he also makes homemade dumplings, fresh wontons and a baked curry rice chicken bowl. They are flavorful, edgy and made fresh daily – there is no frozen, processed food in that kitchen.

We ordered the drunken brisket over rice (as recommended by the chef) curry noodle soup, brisket sandwiches and the sample appetizer which included wontons, dumplings and empanadas. The sweet and sour sauce which has far more flavor and kick than a traditional Chinese sweet and sour was served on the side. We also sprang for jalapeño Fizz Lemonade and French press coffee. I suggest you order both – don’t let the jalapeño scare you it’s only a hint.

The portions are large but not overwhelming and the wait staff was friendly and attentive in fact, Toby sat down us and shared a story about one of the dishes which is his grandmother’s recipe.

I can’t say enough good things about the flavor of Huit’s food; it’s unlike anything I have ever tasted. The food is sophisticated yet comfortable. And word is getting out; they were booked solid for dinner Saturday night. They’re open for lunch and dinner 6 days a week and Sunday for brunch. I suggest going for lunch and ordering a bunch of dishes to share. My favorite part…drum roll…it’s affordable! Our bill was less than $50 for 3 main course dishes, a big appetizer plate and three beverages. 

We liked Huit so much we went back over the weekend. Twice in one week? It’s a good thing we picked up the rewards card. And they deliver.

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